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It’s important to me that the homeowners I work with have a great experience with me.  In the end, I’m not happy if I’m not able to provide you with the solution you want.  So, check out my Testimonials for Laurel Sagen and what others have said about me. Here’s just a few snippets of what other people I’ve worked with have said. And Contact Me for more information.

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Laurel Buys Houses

“Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough for what they have done for us…”

Meeting Ms. Laurel Sagan and her Angel’s brought the sun shine back into our lives. In times when so many people are struggling and the rest of the world turns away from giving a helping hand, Ms. Laurel and her angels opened their hearts and saved my family’s future. Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough for what they have done for us. Because of you, my children will be secure in their future. You have not only given us more than a fair market value for our home, because of that we’re able to buy another home for us to live. You really saved us.

 -Tawnya Lamaway & Kids

Laurel Buys Houses

“Laurel Buys Houses is the only way to sell a property in Sacramento California.”

No harassment, no back and forth, or anything like that, just; ‘I will buy your home.’ Three days later she came over, we signed paperwork. She did everything she said she would, was very honest, straight forward, showed up on time, no problems at all. I received my money from Laurel, I needed to stay in my house for another 30 days to find another place to live, she accepted that. The main thing that’s great about Laurel is that I saved 21,000 in commission fees. That’s 12,000 dollars that I put in my pocket by not going through a realtor. There was no sign put up on my house with people coming by and gawking, or realtors calling and going through my house at unknown hours and things like that. Laurel Buys Houses is the only way to sell a property in Sacramento California.”

–  John Wallner

Laurel Buys Houses

“…very professional in the way you handle the business…”

I really enjoyed working with you and your colleagues. You were very responsive to any questions/concerns that I may have had and are all very professional in the way you handle the business. From day one until the closing it was a pleasant experience and I thank you for making it easier for me, with all the nostalgia and fond memories that I have had of that house since April 1970. I hope you get a good return on the sale, and with the 1st class update, I’m sure the neighbors will be happy.”

Andre  Herrebout

Laurel Buys Houses

“I am ultra-happy with their service…”

I sold my home on 39th Avenue in Sacramento CA to Laurel Buys Houses. I am very pleased with my transactions from the first meeting to closing, I am ultra-happy with their service. Thank you for making everything so easy for me

-Michael G. Collins



Laurel Buys Houses

“…she communicates from the heart…”

Laurel works with determination but just as important she communicates from the heart, and it shows. I frequently see Laurel action and whether she’s engaging with her team, a new client or a long time relationship (as myself), she is always honest and responsive to our needs and concerns.” -David G