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It’s important to me that the homeowners I work with have a great experience with me.  In the end, I’m not happy if I’m not able to provide you with the solution you want.  So, check out what others have said about me. Here are just a few snippets of what other people I’ve worked with have said. And Contact Me for more information.

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“I saved over $21,000 by going with Laurel”

"I saved over $21,000 going with Laurel" | Seller Testimonial

“The process was so easy! It was so relieving to be able to pack what we want and go.”

Laurel Buys Houses Review
- Laurel Sagen


Sell Your House Fast In Sacramento

Our sellers had been living in their house in Sacramento for 30 years. They’re kids all grew up and moved out of state leaving them with an empty nest! Now they are downsizing and moving out of California to be closer with their kids and grandkids:)

- Jimmy

I can’t believe how easy it was! If you’re thinking of working with her but unsure of the process (as I was), you’re in good hands with Laurel and her team! I can’t thank her enough.

- Shawn Hooper
Selling my house to Laurel Buys Houses was beyond what I expected!

“You’ve helped me all along in every way. You’re great, I felt connected and I trusted, and you have done everything and beyond what I expected…”

We would give them a 100 star rating if we could. There was absolutely no stress for us! They took care of everything.”

Debbie and Steve just sold their duplex of  years to Laurel Buys Houses!

“It was so easy! I left for vacation and 4 days after signing it was sold!”

Sell your house fast in Sacramento with Laurel!

Willa and her mother Sally just sold their snowy Pollock Pines home of 20 years to Laurel Buys Houses!

- Willa & Sally Pfitzer
Louise and Susan Phillips

I thought that you were excellent, I felt very comfortable with you, the primary reason we went with you is because when you came in you were so gracious to my mother and you complimented her on the house”


I knew I could trust you. It was a very comfortable, you made me feel very relaxed and just very personable, nice, and considerate”

- Cheryl Govedich
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