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These days it can feel like all the rules and regulations around rental properties are set out to help the renter and not the landlord. You may be trying to juggle finding a dependable tenant, dealing with destructive, existing tenants, late-night phone calls leading to costly repairs, adjusting to new laws and paying costly fees. What was once a fun, new investment adventure is now a stressful and exhausting attempt to make extra income. 

It can get to a point where you may be considering selling your property so you can free yourself of the obligations that have been weighing you down. 

As home buyers for over 20 years in the Sacramento area, we have worked with many landlords and rental owners. We understand that owning a rental property can be frustrating and overwhelming, but we also know that there are positive options and solutions for your situation.

We can help you navigate these challenges and provide you with a cash offer that still allows you to make a profit on your investment.

With us, selling your rental is fast and simple. We will walk you through every step of the sale and do all the work for you. You don’t need to worry about repairs, cleaning, or any of the stress that comes with selling to a traditional realtor.

 We can even buy your rental with a tenant still living there

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how you can sell your unwanted rental property today, please don’t hesitate to contact us! 

We’re here for you and ready to help.


Real Stories From Satisfied Clients


Real Stories From Satisfied Clients


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How we helped Josie

“…all the stress in my life is gone”

I just signed all the papers and I’m happy its all done, all the stress in my life is gone for now, forget about it. I’ll forget about it as long as I have the money now and enjoy that money for the rest of my life. Thank you very much for your help, you are so sweet, I will not forget you just in case I will need to sell my house right now, I will contact you right away. In the future, maybe 5 years from now and I don’t like to have a house any more in my happy years, happy older years, as a grandma.”

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