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Helping with a Hoarder Home

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It’s important to know when selling a home that you’re not alone. In life, you can accumulate a lot of possessions and it may get to a point where simply cleaning or organizing is not enough. At Laurel Buys Houses, we understand that having a home with an excess of belongings is overwhelming. Working with us, you won’t be alone. We can help you navigate selling your house by creating terms that work with you, your family, and eliminate all the stress of cleaning and decluttering. We do all the work and offer you a fair and fast cash offer in return. Not only do we take care of the cleaning and repairs, we can make sure that local charities benefit from your unwanted items. You can rest assured that your possessions are given a new life, so you can move on and focus on yours.

Trying to help a friend or family member that has too many possessions?

Are things overwhelming and it’s too dangerous to live there?  

Has the City become involved?  

You don’t need to worry, we are here to help.

We have helped hundreds of people in similar situations and understand how difficult it can be for everyone involved. When you work with us, you’ll be treated with kindness, patience, and fairness. We’ll do all the work and ensure that every unwanted possession is taken care of. We work with a number of nonprofits to make sure your loved ones’ possessions will help others. You can leave the cleaning and organizing to us and get back to focusing on the most important things in your life.

You’re Not Alone.

Hoarding and extreme clutter is a growing issue for families these days.  With added maintenance problems and the emotional tension, it can be overwhelming.  That’s why we know our job is important. We buy houses for cash AS-IS (yes, really!) in the Greater Sacramento area.  We will take care of ALL the possessions and repairs. You’ll walk away with a weight off your shoulders and cash in hand.

Call 916-476-2381 or fill out the form below.  There is absolutely no obligation. We’ll talk to you with full confidentiality and work with you to find a positive solution.


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