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Selling Your House After Fire Damage

Though a fire is one of the most difficult experiences you may endure as a homeowner, it’s not the end of the road. In some cases, homeowners decide they’d like to repair the fire damage, but we understand that it is not an option for everyone, especially with the costly repairs. With years of experience, we have bought and restored many fire-damaged properties in Northern California. We can buy your house as-is and will take on all the responsibilities of cleaning and repairing, without additional cost to you and your family. The emotional toll of sifting through the aftermath can be overwhelming, and we are here to take that burden for you. Not only do we take care of all repairs and cleaning, we’ll even retrieve important items for you that survived the fire, so you can relieve yourself of seeing the damage.

Options For Selling Your Fire Damaged Home

Regardless of the condition or damage, you CAN still sell your fire-damaged home.

Depending on the severity of your home’s fire, costs of repair could range between thousands of dollars to the cost of completely rebuilding.
In addition to the costly repairs, it can be a lengthy process working with contractors to get your house completely restored. Without making extensive repairs, selling your fire-damaged home may not be easy on the regular property retail market. Oftentimes, a typical customer looking to buy a house is not interested in buying a fire-damaged home and mortgage companies may not be willing to lend because of “habitability” guidelines.

However, repairing your house and selling with a regular realtor are not your only options. At Laurel Buys Houses, we can buy your home at a fair price without you doing any repairs or cleaning.

Selling To A Professional Cash Home Buyer

A trusted cash home buy, like Laurel Buys Houses, can purchase your home without you paying for additional cleaning, repairs, and fees. You will not need to worry about paying realtor commissions or any of the closing costs associated with a traditional property sale. This means that what we offer you in cash for your home is yours to keep without any deductions.

The selling process is also fast and hassle-free. We can buy your property as-is, so you don’t have to deal with any of the aftermath. We’ll even return any salvaged items you may want to keep, so you don’t have do deal with the emotional experience of returning to the home, if you don’t want to.

We have worked with many homeowners that needed to sell their home after a fire — we’ve seen it all! We can help you sell your house and get the cash you need for a fresh start.

Selling Vs. Restoring Fire Damaged Homes

We will never tell you if restoring or selling your house after a fire is a better choice. Every scenario is different, and we always respect the client’s decision to restore fire damaged homes instead of selling them “as-is”.

Most of the time, clients put their fire-damaged homes for sale because of:

  • Health Concerns
  • Time Constraints
  • General Expenses
  • Low-Value Lots
  • Insurance Settlement
  • Emotional Distress
  • Tough Market
  • A Clean Slate

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