How We Can Help When Squatters Break-In

In this video, you’ll see a house that was broken into by squatters for a short period of time. Though squatters are a potential hazard to your home, we want you to know that we can help navigate these complicated situations and provide an option for selling outside of the traditional realtor.

This house was originally occupied by a mother and father who lived here for a very long time. It was a family home, but after the mom passed away, the dad got very ill and needed to move out. During the time when the father wasn’t in the home, people broke in. Their sons all lived out of town, and the son we worked with lived far away, in Texas. It was hard for the children to deal with the property even though they had a maintenance guy in town, and it left it vulnerable to squatters.

 As you can see in the video, the squatters did a lot of damage; they peeled the carpet back; broke things; defecated in the corners, even though the toilet somewhat works; and you can see that the place is a complete wreck now. 

In just 6 months, it went from a nice family home to a mess.  

However, we weren’t deterred. Our team at Laurel Buys Houses purchased the home from the family, AS-IS, and started taking the steps to clean and repair. We took steps to board it, do property checks to make sure squatters didn’t break in, and now it is back on track. Now that we own it, the family no longer needs to worry about the state of the house, and we are able to get to work on it and take the necessary steps to repair it.

We wanted to share this story with you so you could see that sometimes, these things just happen. If you don’t have the ability to maintain a home due to a similar circumstance or one completely different, that’s okay! 

We were able to purchase the home from the family for a fair price and were then able to clean up and repair this home without any extra charge. 

When Squatters Break In
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