We are open during the stay at home order

We are open during stay at home order
Video Transcription

Speaker 1: Hi everybody. I just wanted to take a couple of minutes during this time to let you know that if you need us, we’re here. People still have problems that they need to get solved with their houses. So I wanted you to know that I’m working from as you can see. I’m working from home and Samantha is answering the phones and doing all our communications from home, and Erin’s doing all this stuff on the back end from home. We took our computers home and we’re still here.

In fact, I actually have now more time than I normally would because I’m not running around talking to people, speaking to groups. So hey, if you have a question, please feel free to call us. Use technology by the way, to look at your house and give you advice. Make offers, all of that. I’m still here, licensed contractor and we’re still buying houses. If you have a situation where you need maintenance or anything like that, my Rolodex is still here. Contractors are still available to work.

Also, our family situations don’t stop just because we’re all suppose to stay at home. So I am really tuned in with assisted living and memory care places if you have a loved one who needs that kind of help. There are realtors who are still working. I can help you contact them. I know several attorneys who are using technology, so if you’re in the middle of a probate or you need to start a probate, all that can happen. Things are a little slower right now, but we can still move forward.

Hey, I’m even willing to meet with you on Zoom. This week, I have really learned how to use Zoom. I can walk you right through it, it’s very easy or live chatting on our phones. All that’s still available. We’re here 100% and in fact, have more time than I normally would. So this is a great time to get ahold of us. Again, I want you to take care of you and your family and if there’s anything we can do to help you with around the house, we’re still working. So be safe. Take care of everybody. We’ll see you soon. Thanks. Bye.

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